Do you manufacture your own shutters?

  • Yes.  We manufacture all of our shutters at our factory in Palm City, Florida.

What is your turn around time?

  • Our lead time is usually 2-4 weeks.  We are able to accommodate rush jobs within a shorter time frame but a small fee may be assessed for any rush jobs.
Will the wood shutters warp or yellow over time?
  • No.  Strictly Shutters Wood Shutters are stronger than a synthetic product and will not warp over time, nor will they yellow or fade.
Which product is cheaper – wood or poly shutters?
  • Our Poly shutters are more affordable than our wood shutters.
Are the shutters custom-made?
  • Yes.  Each shutter is hand-crafted to your exact specifications.
Are the shutters very expensive?
  • Surprisingly, No.  We purchase large volumes of wood components so we are able to keep our costs low, and pass the savings on to you.  We work with a very slim profit margin in order to keep the shutters affordable.
What areas do you service?
  • We currently ship shutters all over the country, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.
Do you ship?
  • Yes.  We can ship the shutters nationwide.
What paint color choices do you offer?
  • We carry a stock of 4 paint colors and 4 stain colors.  However, we can custom paint shutters to match any color and stain any color at no additional charge.
Are the wood shutters suitable for all areas?
  • The only areas where Strictly Shutter would not recommend wood shutters, would be over a water source – such as a shower.