Buying Quality Plantation Shutters

There are many companies that advertise quality plantation shutters, but as the consumer searches, it is plain to see that not all plantation shutters are created equal.  Strictly Shutter is a wholesale plantation shutter company that produces plantation shutters in America to any order specifications and continuously innovates newer technologies to help our dealers make easier sales.  Having quality shutters delivered to our customers is a priority and we take this responsibility very seriously.  In light of our promise of excellence, we wish to share some buying tips from the Shutter Pros at Strictly Shutter.  Please contribute your personal experiences with plantation shutters and help us make your experience in wholesale buying more promising.

Choosing Quality Plantation Shutters

There are many factors that make plantation shutters higher quality from the design to the installation.  Many people can see the difference between a wooden plantation shutter made in America and one made in China, because the fundamental features are much different.  Some big differences are that Chinese plantation shutters are made from a cheap basswood (usually imported from Russia), the paint used on the shutters seems to show signs of assembly line work rather than handcrafted work with very little attention to detail, and the thin, flat shape of the louvers both looks cheap and compromises the energy efficiency of the shutter.  The one key thing to remember is that whether you purchase American Made or China Made, the shutters are pretty equal in price, but the one separating factor is the genuine appearance of the shutter that can make or break a sale.

Yet another example of a great difference in plantation shutters is the thickness of the plantation shutter.  To save money, and resources, Chinese shutters tend to be much thinner than American made plantation shutters and, though it is not always the case, many manufacturers make maintenance of the tension adjustments on plantation shutters nearly impossible.  The reason for this is that tension is adjusted using a screw that can be tightened or loosened to adjust the tension of the louvers as an easy remedy after years of use, but some manufacturers will place a plastic pin in the shutters that is not adjustable and once installed cannot be removed, replaced or remedied in anyway.  This issue occurs quite often in the plantation shutter industry and causes consumers to loose faith in purchasing plantation shutters.  This one issue can cause perfectly good plantation shutters, that would otherwise last for many years, to be worthless and, unfortunately, not fixable.

Comparing Chinese & American Plantation Shutters

The two images above are both wooden plantation shutters, the first image is American Made and the second is Chinese Made.  Though both look decent, the tight fit of the American Made is much more appealing and visually pleasing, versus the very loose fit look of the Chinese shutters.  The slight openings at the top of the Chinese shutters allows for air seepage that causes them to be less energy efficient and much less visually appealing.  Also note that the American made plantation shutter louvers are much thicker and more air tight, while the Chinese plantation shutters are very lazily crafted and allow too much sun to escape through the closed shutter position.

Being prepared and educated on the most important factors of purchasing plantation shutters to sell to your customers, comes from understanding the most important points of buying Chinese versus American.  Strictly Shutter is a great solution to purchasing the most professionally crafted plantation shutters.  Our work is our pride and joy, and our staff is taught to build custom made plantation shutters that are not just quality, but also show a standard of skill that is both unmatched and elegant.  Not all Plantation Shutters are created equally, because not everyone invests time, technology, experience, rigorous training, and skilled craftsman in the creation of their products, but at Strictly Shutter it is both our mission and our commitment.

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